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Anonymous asked:

hey June, do you have any specific diet or exercises you do to keep up your cuteness? I want to be a cute femboy like you <3

I tend to jog with my doggy every morning. So that helps a lot~ :3


Anonymous asked:

why does counter strike go suck so much?

Terrible competitive servers.
Runs horrible, even on a nice rig.
Too many weird aspects that change the entire game that nobody would know how to use if they can’t use console.


Anonymous asked:

What can the phone you have do, that the iPhone can't do? >:3
  1. Have a massive screen
  2. Have a way better camera
  3. Have better speakers
  4. Unlimited support for different roms that change your entire phone experience
  5. NFC
  6. No need to ‘Jailbreak’ it for numerous Emulation apps.

On top of that, it’s only $350

AND, it’s a gorgeous device~


crumb961 asked:

June june! Do you think its better to buy panties a tad smaller, or a tad larger? Im in between small and extra small, and sometimes i like the comfort of looser, but i also really like when my panties look smaller on my butt ;w; what do you do in a situation like this?

It really depends on what brand you buy…

Some mediums are actually smalls, and vice versa depending on the brand.

I NORMALLY buy mediums, which are tight and snug, and give my bulge that generic “Anime trap” femboy bulge that’s shown in art, while still being a comfortable wear everyday :3

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